Smoke Cannabis.
Not Pesticides.

Look for the Tested with Confidence Program™ logo to find products that are different, clean and simply better for you.


What does it mean?

Look for the Tested with Confidence Program™ logo. It means the product you are purchasing:

  • Has accurate cannabinoid and terpene labeling.
  • Does not contain harmful levels of contaminants.
  • Meets or exceeds Washington state quality assurance requirements.

And that's a fact.


Why should I care?

Several studies in the last two years have revealed that more than 1 in 5 cannabis products would fail a pesticide test by a quality assurance laboratory.

And yet, this test in not required in Washington.

You care because you like your products like you like your people.



How does it work?

Brands voluntarily participate in the Tested with Confidence Program™. They commit to testing representative samples of every batch of finished cannabis product.

That means that the product on the shelf is the product that's been tested.

What you see is what you get.

No surprises.

Featured Brands


Excellent Standards in Quality Assurance of consumer cannabis products

Look for the Tested with Confidence Program™ label on participating brands at your local retailer. Support yourself by supporting brands that go above and beyond.



Going Above and Beyond.
We’re passionate about being pesticide-free. So we test everything to ensure a clean process from start to finish.

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Subdued Excitement

100% of all Subdued Excitement products sold are tested for pesticides and analyzed for terpenes in addition to the Washington State mandated cannabinoid, mycotoxin, and microbial tests.

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Puffin Farm

We participate in the TWC Program because it helps communicate to our retail partners and their customers via the TWC logo that we produce clean cannabis free of dangerous chemical residues.

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The Heylo Mission - to help anyone get more out of life with cannabis - aligns perfectly with what the Tested with Confidence Program achieves. Simple and easy to find clean cannabis from a trusted source.

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We are cannabis purists, cultivating the best and cleanest product possible. Every decision is guided by this philosophy: from our growing methodology to involvement in the Tested with Confidence Program.

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Trail Blazin' Productions

We've been testing with i502-certified Confidence Analytics lab since the beginning based on their integrity in the industry and the measurement sensitivity abilities in their cutting-edge laboratory.

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Seattle Private Reserve

All of our cannabis is single sourced in-house, this way we can control every aspect of its growth. Every product is tested by Confidence Analytics in order to maintain the highest possible standards.

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Double Delicious

We use only the best pesticide free cannabis. And we participate in the TWC Program to make sure all our cannabis extractions and products meet or surpass our customer expectations and needs.

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Doctor & Crook Co.

Our dedication to producing the highest quality products is demonstrated by the fact we only use flower, not trim, to produce our concentrates. And we participate in the TWC Program to verify our products are clean.

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Sky High Gardens

We are committed to producing the highest grade cannabis using clean nutrients, additives and foliar applications. The TWC Program not only verifies our work but also helps communicate value to customers.

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Clandestine Gardens

Mother Earth Farms

We guarantee our products meet the most rigorous standards for quality assurance by growing our plants in state of the art greenhouses and participating in the Tested with Confidence Program.

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Skagit Organics

Skagit Organics is committed to providing medical-grade cannabis products. We are involved with the TWC Program to ensure our products are safe, effective, and honestly represented.

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Produced by Avitas we employ the same dedication and commitment to our Hellavated brand. We’re passionate about being pesticide-free and prove it by participating in the TWC Program.

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Mt. Baker Gardens

Mt. Baker Gardens is dedicated to providing high quality cannabis. We joined the TWC program to insure our customers they have the safest and cleanest products available.

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Our company values are rooted in science and holistic practices and our moral compass is guided by our co-founder Giana Lampreda, who is a cancer survivor.

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Endo Cannabis

Sauce Boss

At Sauce Boss, our customers expect consistent, top-quality products free of harsh chemicals and pesticides. That's why we joined the Tested with Confidence Program.

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Purity Gardens

Retail Partners

Look for Tested with Confidence Program™ brands at these featured stores listed below and other fine retailers.

2020 Solutions

Bellingham’s 2020 Solutions prides themselves on listening to their guests, especially when it comes to the products they want to purchase. One overwhelming request is for pesticide-free products.

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The team at Canna West Seattle is dedicated to sourcing the cleanest products on the market. Visit Canna to speak with a budtender about our #cleancannabis products.

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Your retail store here

Contact us to learn more about becoming a Tested with Confidence retail partner.

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Your retail store here

Contact us to learn more about becoming a Tested with Confidence retail partner.

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Tested with Confidence Program Commitment


Brand Commitment

  • Consistency.

    Production of consistent, holistic and responsible products.

  • Compliance.

    Quality assurance testing meets or exceeds state requirements.

  • Authenticity.

    Testing is done on a representative sample of every batch of final cannabis product.

  • Quality.

    Only products that meet or exceed state limits (thus receiving a ‘Pass’ grade) will be sold.

Lab Commitment

  • Honesty.

    No fake results. Ever.

  • Transparency.

    Easily accessible Certificates of Analysis (COA’s) so you can check the results for yourself.

  • Education.

    Teaching and communicating the science behind the numbers.

  • High Standards.

    Third party accredited to guarantee our results are accurate and reliable.


Frequently Asked Questions

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