Relax and enjoy. Our stamp on a cannabis product means it’s been rigorously tested for pesticides.

What does it mean?

The Tested with Confidence logo on the package of a cannabis product means the product was tested for the presence of pesticides by Confidence Analytics, a Certified Cannabis Testing Laboratory.

The logo makes it easy to quickly identify product that has undergone rigorous laboratory analysis to provide accurate labeling and ensure the product is free of excessive pesticide residues.

Why should I care?

Most consumers agree that, while the risks associated with consuming pesticides on cannabis products are currently unknown, we don’t want to smoke, vape, eat, or apply them to our bodies.

Several studies in the last two years have revealed that more than 1 in 5 cannabis products would fail a pesticide test by a quality assurance laboratory.

And yet, this test is not required in Washington.

How does it work?

The scientists at Confidence Analytics have worked tirelessly over the last two years to bring an economical and thorough pesticide testing solution to the cannabis community.

For only one penny per gram of flower, the lab now offers the cannabis manufacturers a comprehensive pesticide test that screens for all prohibited pesticides.

At that price, why would anyone buy cannabis that hasn’t been tested?

Featured Brands

Look for the Pesticides Tested With Confidence logo when you see these brands in your local store!


Excellent standards in quality assurance of Consumer Cannabis Products

The Tested With Confidence Program establishes a recognized community of Cannabis businesses and represents a unique labeling and roll call opportunity for Consumer Cannabis Brands.


Benefits to the Brand

Use of the TWC Logo on Brand Packaging

Use of the TWC Logo on Brand Promotional Materials

Inclusion of Brand

  • In TWC Roll Calls including listing on websites and promotional materials
  • On social media marketing campaigns funded by the TWC Program
  • At industry events sponsored by the TWC Program

Engagement of Brand Delegates at TWC Program Development Meetings

Dedication of TWC Program Resources to Advocacy Based on Brand Feedback

Our Commitment


Brand Commitment

  • Consistency

    Operate a consistent, holistic and responsible application of consumer cannabis product cultivation or manufacture

  • Compliant

    Meet or exceed state testing and quality assurance requirements

  • Thorough

    Test every batch of finished consumer cannabis products using samples representative of the final product

  • Selective

    Only Cannabis Products which meet or exceed state limits (thus receiving a ‘Pass’ grade) may be sold by the Brand

Lab Commitment

  • Honesty

    No fake results – the Lab shall provide testing in accordance with the Lab’s usual test method protocols.

  • Transparency

    Analytical methods and outcomes – the Lab will be open with the Brand about how it reaches conclusions and be willing to provide the evidence that supports the outcome.

  • Communication

    Compliance requirements and test outcomes – the Lab shall communicate effectively with the Brand when issuing Pass grades or Fail grades to samples based on state limits and indicate such on the COA.

  • Support

    Maintaining open dialogs and strong working relationships – the Lab will act in support of the Tested With Confidence Program, its mission, and its participating Brands.

  • Humility

    Admitting when we don’t know and dedication to finding the answer.


Frequently Asked Questions